In the event that you are perusing this, you are either the inquisitive kind or happen to be lost. In either case, it would be ideal if you remain and we should become more acquainted with one another somewhat better.

‘Myshirtbiz’ is a free apparel mark that we began route in 2011. What’s more, by ‘autonomous’, we extremely mean it – we are not a major organization and we don’t have any VC subsidizing. We are an independent venture begun by a bundle of companions and we’ve subsidized the subject of starting from the earliest stage with our investment funds. (P.S. On the off chance that you are a financial specialist hoping to siphon millions into ‘Myshirtbiz’ so we can purchase a pleasant shoreline front estate, erm, we mean, another office to draw in our representatives and boost profitability – call us, perhaps?)

We will probably minister some phenomenal work of art by specialists from everywhere throughout the globe and to make the best damn t-shirts that we can. We esteem the well deserved cash that you spend on us and we do our closest to perfect to get you some stock that you can be glad for.